Sunday, July 22, 2012

APPLE by Linda Tilden, Oil Pastel

APPLE by Linda Tilden, Oil Pastel

We all are influenced by others.  I love looking at other artist's work,  reading about their lives, and going to museums. It's one thing to see a painting in a book, but quite another to actually stand in front of a work by Cezanne or Matisse.  When I saw Leonardo da Vinci's work at the High Museum I was overwhelmed with emotion. 

When I finished the apple drawing, it reminded me of works done by Paul Cezanne.  He liked using brush strokes of pure color.

Still Life with Plaster Cupid by Paul Cezanne

I was also influenced by two incredible artists:  Bobby Austin and Carly Hardy.

 Bobby made me cry, but she taught me valuable lessons. I had worked on a portrait of a little boy for several months. During one lesson,  Bobby took a brush full of green paint and painted over my painting.  She said no painting was precious, and that I thought I couldn't paint it again. After drying my tears, I set out again to paint my little boy from India. Yes, I could do it again. But I must say the painting did become precious to me.  When I look at that portrait I see things that I would do differently now, but it's a reminder of how far I've come.  I watched that little boy come to life. So I learned I could do it again, and I vowed to never make my students cry!

Carly taught me to see color and light.  She would tell me to squint my eyes, see if the color was warm or cool, darker or lighter than the color next to it.  I just couldn't see it and she would pick up a brush and show me.  I never minded her painting on my work; it was magical watching her dance with the colors. I learned by watching her paint.

Look at paintings, find one you like and duplicate it.  It will force you to look at the painting more closely and see the changes in colors and lines, and the lights and shadows.  Eventually your style will evolve,  and it will be as unique as your handwriting. 

Have fun, do something creative today!

“A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art.” ― Paul Cezanne


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